MINDS is a policy- oriented research and capacity-building organization, founded in 2003 by Brazilian academics and policy makers  committed to the overarching theme of Governance for Socially Responsible Development. MIND’S main goal is to influence the debate on the set of issues that contribute to this outcome, both in its domestic and global dimensions.  

Achieving that goal requires pursuing a multi-item agenda, which includes policy-oriented research, continuous capacity-building, strategic media interventions, international networking with like-minded organizations, as well as robust dissemination of all activities and results.

Thematically, this broad umbrella includes a host of rubrics providing the framework for MINDS research agenda. Among them, the most prominent in our strategic plan are:

  • Economic  Governance for Development and Social Inclusion,
  • Re-shaping Financial Institutions for Innovation and Development,
  • The Public Financial System as a Linchpin for  Development and Social Inclusion,
  • Financial Regulation and Industrial Policy,
  • Knowledge Governance for the Public Interest
  • Rethinking Markets and Competition
  • Brazil as Global Player? Economic, Social and Political Implications.


Over the past ten years, MINDS has pursued its major goal through: (a) generating ideas and policy recommendations in the broad area of promoting strategic responses to globalization;  (b) delivering capacity building for policy makers, academics and civil society organizations in Brazil; (c) producing international conferences geared towards policy dialogues; (d) conducting policy oriented research projects; (e) building a global and interdisciplinary network; (f) exchanging knowledge and building links with Brazilian and international research centers; and (g) helping to establish university-based graduate programs and dedicated training workshops for civil and public officials and NGOs.

Since 2011, MINDS is a legally incorporated non-profit civil society organization governed by a 12 member’s board and directed by Dr. Rogério Sobreira.