The Institute for Multidisciplinary Development and Strategy (MINDS) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote the discussion of development strategies. Under this purpose, MINDS is involved in a number of initiatives that include (a) conducting research activities related to development strategies, (b) the holding of international conferences and debates about public policies, (c) building an international and multidisciplinary network of researchers dedicated to the issue of development, and (d) assisting the creation of graduate programs and training courses for civil servants and non-governmental organizations.

The target audience of MINDS initiatives are policymakers, academics and government officials. Thus, in disseminating its research results, MINDS seeks to turn them effective with regard to public policies.

MINDS projects are funded by research supporting institutions, being the Ford Foundation its main sponsor. Since 2011, MINDS integrates Ford's iniciative on "Reforming Global Financial Governance", which aims at making global financial institutions more transparent, accountable and effective in delivering financial stability and finance for development.